This year, I'm going to be trying a new route for my vegetable garden and a few annuals.

All seeds.

And, I'm going all heirloom for my vegetable varieties.

I have my seeds on order and am using a "new-to-me" company called Baker Creek this year.  In the past, I've used Burpee and purchased seeds at the big box stores.  I learned about Baker Creek from "YouTubers" who have talked about the various varieties they use in their gardens and the success they have had with the seeds.  Fingers crossed that I'll have good luck with germination and growing the seeds into plants that will produce veggies for my family.

I've had my garden laid out on paper for some time now.  I'm using The Square Foot garden method for spacing my plants.  I really like "Mel's" no nonsense approach to gardening.  Someday, I'd like to have a big in-ground garden, but, for now, raised beds give us our best option for growing food.

As soon as my seeds arr…

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