Around the Home and Garden

We've been keeping busy around the home and garden lately.  Our family celebrated my sons birthday this week.  
 I made him a wonderfully rich caramel cake at his request.

Butter, condensed milk and sugar are cooked to create a delicious candy-like icing.  The cake consists of three baked layers full of ingredients that makes cake taste oh-so-good.  Caramel cake recipe can be found HERE.
This past weekend, we were able to do some fall gardening and planted a pretty Travelers Redbud.  I was looking for a Ruby Falls Redbud, but wasn't able to find one.  This variety is on the smaller size, which is what we were looking for in this garden bed.

I also had a couple of Lemon Lime Nandinas that we moved out behind our pool area.  There was too much green going on.  I'm looking forward to finding some smaller stature perennials or shrubs to go in this bed later this fall or maybe next spring. 
One of the moved nandinas...

My husband started pressure washing the driveway as my son and I …

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